Stop Huumeille ry – registered association, Est. 2000 offers peer support for recovering addicts. Stop Huumeille ry, also known as ”Stoppi” supports individuals’ abstinence from substances by offering them activities free of charges and free of substances based on peer support.

Stoppi’s “living room” is open Monday to Friday from 9am until 3pm and events and activities can take place in the evenings and weekends. Sobriety* and minimum age of 18 years are the only requirements for participants.

Stoppi also does preventive work in the schools etc., as well as assist and provide training for students and professionals.

Stoppi co-operates with recovery facilities, other registered associations for substance abuse prevention and recovery, substance-free sections of prison, social welfare offices and other operators in a similar or parallel field.

The base values of the association are respecting individuals as they are, fairness, equality and cooperation.

Stoppi is an ideologically, politically and religiously nonaligned association supporting people in recovery in their efforts towards sober living.

*Sobriety in Stoppi means not using any illegal substances, alcohol or certain medicines see list here, even when prescribed by a doctor. When participating in Stoppi’s activities or visiting the premises of the association, the participant must be sober. If the participant is considered to be under the influence or aftermath of said substances, the participant is asked to leave and is welcomed back when sober.

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